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We pair  your favorite

Innovative Concept in Express Food Delivery!

Order craft MiMi Beer pairing with your favourite dishes
MiMiChannel @foodpanda Just ORDER & CLICK our MiMi Channel VIDEO to watch Craft Beer Master, Tomy Fong, show you how you can pair different dishes perfectly with the right kind of craft MiMi beer

配出滋味  嚐到愛


嗌蜜蜜啤配佳餚 外送服務 不只飽腹 更要享口福! 
點擊下單、睇片 手工啤酒大師Tomy方啟聰展示如何享受 蜜蜜手工啤完美配搭不同美食的滋味 

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MiMiChannel Promo Video





Order NOW! TST Exquisite Chinese Cuisine

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Listing Image_Bombay Duck



Order NOW! Wanchai Thai Cuisine

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Listing Image WC Thai Cuisine-4000x2080.

MiMiChannel: TST Exquisite Chinese Cuisine x MiMi Beer (Food Pairing)

尖沙咀精緻中菜 x 蜜蜜啤 (品酒嚐菜)

MiMiChannel: Wanchai THAI Cuisine

x MiMi Beer (Food Pairing)

灣仔惹味泰菜 x 蜜蜜啤 (品酒嚐菜)

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