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Panda MiMi® met Lion BeeBee

Why Craft MiMi® Beer?

Panda MiMi® who is the brand character of the original Hong Kong brand "Honey Panda's Greetings® (HPG)" and came out in July 20 of 2014.
® brings us with a strong message of LOVE. The pronunciation of "7.20" and "2014" in Mandarin likes Chinese "親.愛您" and "愛您一世" which means "Love you Darling" and "Lifelong Loving You" in English.  

Panda MiMi
® eats honey from her infancy and was given her first beer to taste when she met a master of craft beer, Lion BeeBee at 2-years old. She loves the unique taste of craft beer brewed by Lion BeeBee's secret recipe because the taste is fresh, full of complexity but drinkable, taste of natural ingredients brings her mind close to nature.


熊貓蜜蜜® 遇上大獅啤啤






Craft MiMi® Beer’s philosophy

  • 可愛的蜜蜜®帶給我們快樂、溫暖及和諧的感覺

  • 蜜蜜®啤除了是文化、型、匠藝手工啤酒外,更加採用引人注目的可愛蜜蜜®作為標籤設計,可以經常在銷售貨架和展示中脫穎而出。



  • 由於熊貓的安靜個性,經常給人一個和平象徵。

  • 平衡可以讓身心靈達至恬靜。

  •  我們關注蜜蜜®味道上的平衡和可飲用性。 




  • 來自大自然的熊貓當然注重環保。

  • 我們支持健康和回歸基本的生活方式。

  • 我們在蜜蜜®中只使用天然成分。不添加防腐劑或亞硫酸鹽。

  • 蜜蜜®最大特色之一是首三款產品都只採用了四種基本的原材料,麥芽、啤酒花、水和酵母,在沒有添加其他成分的情況下也能具有復雜的香氣和味道。獨特的味道有賴於我們釀造事務總監Tomy以專業知識所創作的秘密配方。


  • Lovely MiMi® brings us feelings of happiness, warm and harmonious.

  • Craft MiMi® Beer is crafted with style and culture in addition to label-design with eye-catching lovely MiMi which always stand out on shelf sales and showcases.


  • Panda is always a symbol of peace for her quiet character.

  • Balance leads to peace of mind for mental & physical well-being.

  • We care the balance and drinkability in the taste of our Craft MiMi® Beer.


  • Eco-friendly as Panda originally comes from nature.

  • We support the way of living for healthy and back to basic.

  • We only use natural ingredients in Craft MiMi® Beer. No preservative or sulfites added.

  • Our first 3 products got complexity in aroma & taste without additional ingredients but only basic 4 namely malted barley, hops, water & yeast. The unique tastes rely on the secret recipes of our brewing affairs director, Mr Tomy's knowhow and expertise.

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