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We participate in major events both for trade & public.
In this way, we can promote Craft MiMi Beer; in this way we can pass our brand message; in this way people can taste the difference & quality. It turns out very successfully and we will continue to do so.

We has been interviewed by leading medias say broadcasting programs on main TV / radio.

In Hong Kong, Craft MiMi
® Beer can be found in supermarkets say, all 11 Yata Supermarket , Foodwise; bottle shops, say all 16 Wai Shing Wine & Spirits, bars, hotels, taprooms, restaurants.

Mr Tomy brought our 1st Craft MiMi
® Porter to Osaka for some taprooms' owners, managers to taste. Feedback was fantastic! They were deeply impressed by unique taste of Craft MiMi® Beer, our brand story and eye-catching label with our brand character, Panda MiMi®. We trust that our product will stand out in global markets!

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我們參與業界和公眾的主要展覽。 通過這種方式我們可以推廣蜜蜜® 啤; 通過這種方式我們可以傳遞我們的品牌信息; 通過這種方式人們可以品嚐到我們產品的特色和品質。結果非常成功,我們將會繼續這樣做。


®啤可以在超市內找到,如全線11間一田超市,Foodwise; 零售店,如全線16間偉成洋酒,酒吧,酒店,精釀啤酒酒吧,餐廳。

Tomy曾經帶了我們第一款蜜蜜啤波特啤酒到大阪,給一些酒吧的老闆、經理品嚐,反應相當好! 他們因為蜜蜜


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Craft MiMi Beer Glass

Craft MiMi Beer Glass

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