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MiMi® Beer Sushi Wit  蜜蜜®啤壽司啤酒

Craft beer for Sushi


"First craft beer brand has awarded the Hong Kong Emerging Brand Awards 2019" 『首個手工啤酒榮獲2019年香港新星品牌』

Ingredients: Malted Barley, Wheat, Oats, Hops, Water, Yeast, Orange Peel, Coriander Seed

4.5% ABV


Tomy's Tasting Note

This Witbier has a smooth silky body that can enhance the sushi’s texture. Its low acidity matches perfectly with the slightly sour tasting sushi rice. The rich mineral taste of this beer also brings out the unique “Umami” taste in sashimi while its fresh & sweet aftertaste can neutralize the lingering burning aftertaste of wasabi beautifully.




Product Story - 20 AiNi Series

MiMi loves natural sweetness and the freshness of Japanese cuisines. Lion BeeBee (our Master) specially creates this SUSHI WIT to enhance sushi’s umami taste. There is only one word to describe it - AWESOME!! MiMi's birthday is on the 20th. To show our deep love of MiMi, we have dedicated this brand new series to MiMi and named the collection “20 AiNi ”.

產品故事 - 全新20系列

熊貓蜜蜜偏愛大自然的鮮甜味道,也就愛上日本料理。大獅啤啤特意創作壽司啤給蜜蜜搭配各款壽司,讓壽司獨有的 “旨” 味在味蕾上散發得淋漓盡致,大滿足!因這全新系列是為了無微不至照顧蜜蜜所好而創作,特以她生日 “20 AiNi” 命名,以表一份疼愛。


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"Under the law of Hong Kong, intoxicating liquor must not be sold or supplied to a minor in the course of business."

MiMi® Beer Sushi Wit 蜜蜜®啤壽司啤酒 (Hong Kong Emerging Brand Awards 2019)

SKU: 330ml Bottle
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